The internet is a great way to discover anything you may want, but at the same time, it can be dangerous. Let’s just say that there are a lot of issues and vices available online. In order to protect your loved ones, you are going to need a spy app. We have reviewed and compared 5 best apps of this type.


  1. Copy9

This is probably the best mobile spy app for people in relationships and married individuals who want to catch their cheating spouses. The app is developed to track SMS messages, GPS location, Facebook and calls in real time. All the data is visible on the master device which is actually your phone. There is no prevention for this app, so once installed, it will track all you may need. It is fast as well, so all data is instantly visible.


  • Great for couples
  • GPS location
  • Facebook statistics
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of updates
  • Both partners should use it


  1. Family Locator

The app in question isn’t originally developed for spying, but it can be more than just useful. It allows to the users to create circles which will be filled with their friends. Each time when someone comes or leaves the circle, you will be notified. In other words, you will know the precise location of all your friends, or others you want to spy. And yes, you can track phones at any given moment and even recover your device if it is stolen.


  • Interesting features
  • Superb interface
  • Simple, yet practical
  • Helps you recover lost phone


  • Isn’t 100% accurate
  • Location feature must be turned on


  1. Call & Message Tracker

Call & Message Tracker will display all the SMS messages and phone calls which have been performed from a targeted device. As such, it is an ideal spy software you can use freely. There are no hidden charges here.


  • Completely free
  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of features


  • Isn’t very accurate
  • Obsolete interface


  1. MxSpy

MxSpy is a spy app which will display the precise location of all your friends and family members at any given moment. This is also the main reason for its development, a family protection. The app will assist you in displaying location help you recover a lost phone and etc. it is simple to use, yet loaded with features.


  • Developed for family protection
  • Sophisticated
  • Data is 24/7 available
  • Helps you find your friends


  • Long loading time
  • Some issues with older devices


  1. 9SpyApps

Simple, yet powerful spy app. It will make your device like an actual spy phone. The features include voice changer, secret voice recorder and etc. You can spy on anyone using your phone with a simple app.


  • Loaded with features
  • Interesting to use
  • Finger scanner
  • Less adverts


  • Confusing
  • Some features are premium



Here you can discover the best spy phone app which will make an actual spy out of you. They are more than just useful and convenient.