How to Destroy Any Type of Virus, Spyware or Adware

How many of you out there have viruses,spyware,and adware on your computer and are annoyed by the constant pop ups or system slowing down but have no idea how to get rid of them? In this tutorial I will show you an easy way to get rid of these pest in just a few easy steps.I will be explaining two ways of doing this procedure and getting your system running back to normal to the way it used to run.Ok the first step is to navigate your mouse to Start from your desktop and click on it.

Go to all programs and put the mouse on the accessories button.Now from there go the the system tools button and look for a system restore button and click it.As an alternate you can click start,go to control panel and open it,click on performance and maintenance and find a system restore button and click on it. Now you should be at a screen that says welcome to system restore,but before I go any further let me explain what this useful feature does.What system restore does is it makes restore points or save points when you installed certain programs like executable files and saves that information while recording the date and time when you installed it.This is useful because if you can recall when your computer was acting up you can go “back in time” on the system to remove programs that could have caused the viruses,spyware or adware. Visit the up coming post: spy message

Anyways let’s get back on track from the welcome to system restore screen select the restore my computer to an earlier time and click next.From this screen just select a new date before your system was messing up and click next and on the next screen click next again.By the way, this procedure will not cause you to lose information such as email or saved documents but will remove executable programs if you go to a time before you installed an executable, but it is complete reversable.Let the computer reboot and go through what it needs to and when your computer is done it should say system restore finished or system restore sucessful and see if you notice a difference in your computer. Go to this site: what’s app message spy

If you are still having difficulties with viruses and such these next steps are guaranteed to work and dispose of them.Be aware that if you follow these next steps you will lose everything on your computer and everything will be retured to when you first bought your computer so I suggest backing everything up on cds.Shut down your computer and start it up again looking for some sort of screen to say “F10=System Recover” or something along those lines and press it.On my computer it takes me to a screen that has three buttons to click next,quit or advanced options.Click on advanced options and click next and keep clicking either next or yes to start the process.Lay back and relax cause this will take a little while for it to restore and reboot.Now just read what the screen says to do and all of your friends I mean viruses will be gone.This simple feature has saved me so many time and I couldn’t live without it or I would probably have to buy a computer every year.Ok so that’s it, I hope it works for you and I hope everyone enjoyed this tutorial until next time bye. Continue reading this: spy message by using Copy9