How to Find the Best Anti-virus Software to Protect Your Computer

Step 1

If your haven’t installed any anti-virus software to your computer or you have installed some free software that you downloaded from the web, I don’t think your computer has good and enough protection to prevent all the virus attacks nowadays.

Please keep in mind that free software has a lot of drawbacks and tend not to protect your computer well. No matter you have broadband or dial-up connection; it’s best to have anti-virus software installed to protect your computers.

Step 2

If you have never purchased any anti-virus software before, you should consider buying it from known vendors like Trend Micro, McAfee, and Norton.

Anti-virus software are not that expensive, most of them give you rebate back for first time buyers or continue users. It’s just like almost free for using their software. Click the up coming internet site: phone spy app

Step 3

Here are the items that you should look for:

-Pricing ($29 – $59)
-Scanning Effectiveness
-Ease Of Use
-System Efficiency (Speed, non-intrusive)
-Virus Database Update Frequency
-Compatibility (Supported Operating Systems)

-Threat Removal
-Intrusion Protection
-Registry Cleaner

Step 4

Here are some tips to protect your computer:

– Do not download or install any unknown software, they might contain virus and spyware in it.

– Do not go to any unknown website or pop-up website. Go to this site: phone spy app

– Close the browser and delete your browsing history more often once you have visited secured websites like online banking and etc.. (Go to Tools – gt; Internet Options)