Keeping Your Computer in Good Condition With Free Anti Spyware and Anti Adware Software

If you are like me, you must have downloaded somehting from the web ones, and then all sorts of strange things start to happen, the computers goes very slowly, internet explorer windows open on their own … sound familiar? It is very likely that your computer system has been “infected” by a virus, spyware or adware.

It happens day after day, even though pretty much everyone knows how dangerous these viruses can be. What is more, the cost can be very high to you. Your computer could be shutdown by the virus, requiring the Hard Disk to be cleaned by a specialist repair shop. Or it could be that you start losing important files, work or other functions on your computer. A high cost to pay for downloading something. Thats what happens with a virus, but what damage can Spyware and Adware cause? And what can we do to protect ourselves? Go to this site: how to read others whatsapp messages

Spyware are software programs that have been designed to record and send certain information back to the programer. This could even include highly personal data, such as your bank account details, credit card numbers, things that may allow someone to “steal your identity” and your money. The first time a victim usually knows is when they get a bill for something they never bought.

Adware is a different type of nuissance, it is a program that has been designed to show pop up ads, web pages, etc. that can be extremely annoying. You may be shown ads for adult sites, gambling, or other highly questionable websites. Some Ad’s are designed to trick you, they may suggest your computer has a virus, Click Here to clean it immediately … of course Clicking will cause even more problems.

This is not an isolated problem, it can happen to you on any PC, even now on Mobile Phones. For this reason many software developers have been producing solutions, in the form of Protective software to warn, scan for, delete Adware and Spyware.

If you Google Adware or Spyware, you will find hundreds of Paid for tools, but there are often trial versions, sometimes for as much as 90 days. Still other software companies provide 100% free versions (they hope to sell you an update or upgraded version).

If you don’t have a software program to fight against spyware and adware you need to get one quickly. It will help prevent serious damage from happening to the personal computer. Any anti-spyware or anti-adware tool worth anything will also come with daily (and sometimes hourly) updates. As new adwares, and spywares are produced, the software needs to be updated to fight against the new threats.

So you now have a choice, pay for a software, or try a Free tool? Why pay when you can get excellent protecion for your computer for free?

One great example is called Ewido, its produced by a company call Grisoft Group, this software protects your computer against Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and Keyloggers. Another very popular tool is called Spybot Search and Destroy. I personally like this one. It has been recommended by several PC Magazines and works across XP and Vista. Read more: how to read others whatsapp messages

Adware is another great software program. There is a free copy for personal use. If you want to install this on your business laptop however there is a small fee.

I highly recommend downloading software only via www.download.com this is because many tools have been created that “pretend” to be anti-spyware or anti-adware, but they are in fact bogus. Doing exactly the opposite. Google the software you are considering and make sure you are happy that its coming from a secure source.

But do something, doing nothing will just leave you open to have problems.